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* Please note that Start Mortgages DAC only engages with a nominated advisor or representative where the customer has first contacted Start Mortgages DAC and specifically authorised us in writing to deal with that nominated individual/advisor or organisation.

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Start is authorised as a retail credit firm by the Central Bank of Ireland.


Important Information about Mortgage Interest Rate Changes

Tracker Interest Rate Mortgage
As you may be aware, the European Central Bank (ECB) recently announced a series of increases to the European Central Bank Base Rate (ECB Base Rate).  If your Mortgage is currently on an ECB Tracker Interest Rate, then your interest rate is tracking the ECB Base Rate. You will receive notification in writing from Start following any announcement by the European Central Bank to change Rates with details of how this change affects your account.


Variable Rate Mortgage
If your Mortgage is currently on a Variable Interest Rate, this means, the interest rate can go up or down based on a variety of factors determined by your Mortgage Lender.  Due to the current market conditions, including changes in market interest rates generally, Start will unfortunately be increasing Variable Rates over the coming months on Variable Rate Loans. Any decision to change Variable Rates will be communicated to you in writing in advance of the change.


You will find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) here which may answer questions you have regarding what these Interest Rate Changes mean for you.

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Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP) Appeals Process

Should you decline an Alternative Repayment Arrangement offered by Start Mortgages, if we are unable to offer you an Alternative Repayment Arrangement or should Start Mortgages classify you as ‘Not Co-operating’, you are entitled to submit an Appeal.

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How We Will Deal with Your Complaints

Should you not agree with the Alternative Repayment Arrangement(s) offered to you by Start Mortgages, our decision not to offer an Alternative Repayment Arrangement, or our decision to classify you as ‘Not Co-Operating’, you can submit an appeal by following our appeals process and by completing our MARP Appeal Request Form.

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