Experiencing difficulties in paying your mortgage?

We are here to assist you. We understand that the increased cost of living and rising interest rates have impacted many people. If you are concerned about falling into arrears, have recently fallen into arrears or have been in arrears for some time, the most important step is to communicate with us. We have a dedicated team and a varied list of solutions available to help you to get back on track.

Start's MARP Booklet explains the process that will be used to assist you and provides information in relation to the potential solutions available to you and the contact information of organisations that may be able to provide you with further assistance. To access Start's MARP Booklet, please click the link below.

* Start Mortgages DAC only engages with a nominated advisor or representative where the customer has first contacted Start Mortgages DAC and specifically authorised us in writing to deal with that nominated advisor or representative.

Start Mortgages Arrears

Company Announcement

Start Mortgages DAC intends to transfer its servicing business and has entered into a transfer agreement with Mars Capital Finance Ireland DAC (“Mars Capital”), which remains subject to certain approvals. It is expected that the transaction will complete later in 2024. Start will continue to support any borrowers experiencing financial difficulties until the transaction completes.
Following the completion of the transaction, Mars Capital will hold and service your mortgage. This transaction will not impact the terms and conditions of your mortgage. The only difference is that your mortgage will be managed by Mars Capital rather than Start. Your rights under applicable laws and regulations will remain unchanged.
Mars Capital will service your mortgage in accordance with “Good Industry Practice” and applicable regulatory requirements (i.e., any existing agreements/alternative repayment arrangements agreed with you will be honoured etc.). A written notification of the intended transaction issued to you on 25th March 2024. A further notification will issue to you when the transaction completes.
You will find Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQ”) here which may answer questions you have regarding what the transaction. If you have other questions, you can contact our team on 1800 818 000 or 01 2096300.
Please note that after the transaction completes, Start intends to cease operating and seek to have its credit servicing licence revoked. We would advise you to notify us of any issues or complaints you may have as soon as possible so they can be addressed in a timely manner. Start will be retaining professional indemnity insurance in order to cover claims that borrowers may make against Start following the revocation of its licence.

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Important Information about Mortgage Interest Rate Changes

Tracker Interest Rate Mortgage
Over recent months, the European Central Bank (ECB) has announced a series of increases to the European Central Bank Base Rate (ECB Base Rate). If your Mortgage is currently on an ECB Tracker Interest Rate, then your interest rate is tracking the ECB Base Rate. If further changes to the ECB Base Rate are announced, Start will write to you with details of how this change affects you.
Variable Rate Mortgage
If your Mortgage is currently on a Variable Interest Rate, this means the interest rate can go up or down based on a variety of factors as set out in Start’s Variable Rate Policy Statement. Due to the current market conditions, including changes in market interest rates generally, Start has unfortunately had to make the difficult decision to increase Variable Rates on Variable Rate Loans. Any further decisions to change Variable Rates will be communicated to you in writing in advance of the change.
You will find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) here which may answer questions you have regarding what these Interest Rate Changes mean for you. If you are having difficulty meeting your mortgage repayment, it is important that you contact our dedicated team on 1800 818 000 or 012096300 as soon as possible. Alternatively, please click here for more information about how Start can help you.

We have a dedicated team and a varied list of solutions available to help you to get back on track. All of our solutions are subject to an assessment of your individual circumstances and you meeting our eligibility criteria. Solutions can include fixing your repayment amount for a period of time, or in certain circumstances applying a concessionary interest rate, which will not vary for a 24 month period.

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Thinking about switching your mortgage?

If you decide to refinance your mortgage with another Lender, Start will provide whatever information or support is required to assist you with a smooth transition.


The information provided on the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission website (https://www.ccpc.ie/consumers/money/mortgages/switching-lenders-or-mortgage) may assist you if you are considering refinancing.


Start will also provide €500* assistance towards the cost of mortgage broker and/or solicitor fees if you successfully refinance, subject to the criteria below:


• Refinancing must be on your primary residence,

• You must be clearing, in full, your entire debt with Start which must be at least €50,000.00, inclusive of any fees or costs outstanding.


* Evidence of your broker/solicitor fees will be required to obtain this financial assistance. This financial assistance will not be available where you have already availed of a debt write down.


Please note that Start does not offer new lending. As a result, we do not have a suite of fixed rates to offer customers.

Competition and Consumer Protection Commission Website